Hammerfel a giant city located where the Argos mountains meets the Thirrim Sea. The city is in two main halves one above ground and one below in the mountain. It made its wealth from mining and metal work and due to its location and sheltered ports it has become a major trade city. The Mines head from the city miles into the mountains and underground. People of all races work in the mines although they are the property of the Dwarven Council.

The city below the ground is the dwarven city of Noril, its population is mainly dwarfs and gnomes of middle and upper class.

The Above ground city has three main districts and three main harbours, these are divided and sheltered by huge retaining walls that have been built from the earth and rock that has been mined from under the mountain.

There is the Western district which is mainly slums of mixed race and its harbour is primarily used for fishing vessels.There is also a slum underground the slums where a mix of underground races live who work in the mines.

The Middle harbour is where the majority of merchant vessels dock and the area is filled with warehouses and industry.

Places of Note

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The Eastern Harbour is the more picturesque and is mainly filled with the pleasure vessels of the rich. This district mainly middle class and rich humans, with a small amount of elves and other races. This area is known for its high towers that can be seen from the ocean.


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