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  • Hammerfel

    Hammerfel a giant city located where the [[Argos mountains]] meets the [[Thirrim Sea]]. The city is in two main halves one above ground and one below in the mountain. It made its wealth from mining and metal work and due to its location and sheltered …

  • Hruset

    Merchant town consisting mainly of merchant tents and caravans and a few buildings located on top of a ruined city. Located on the Anjor river, East of Avondale.

  • Noril

    Noril is the dwarven name for the city of [[Hammerfel]] but is more commonly refered to as the name of the Dwarven undercity of [[Hammerfel]].

  • Skorr

    Elven Nation in the north of the continent. See [[Skorrs]]

  • The Merchants Pleasure

    Upperclass Inn located in the East District of [[Hammerfel]] The tavern is known especially its friday night entertainment. With the resident Harp Player Elyse Tiaman becoming quite popular Owner Kallorn Wayright The Party is currently staying here …

  • The Thirsty Wench

    Tavern Located in [[Hruset]]. Known for its breakfast potato cakes. Owner Lawrence Blacksword location of the fight the party had with [[:coinwulf-Bane]] and his party of Knights from the Avondale

  • Hooktown

    Small fishing town located on the east side fork of the river Talim, north of Hruset. Persons & places of Note Mayor- Tomas Tavern- The Fishermans Rest Hangmans Fork is located not far to the south of Hookton

  • Rotheen

    Rotheen is a large Feudal Kingdom ruled by King Aldus Ethelred the 3rd. The Nation is made up of 9 shires. The kingdom has a monotheist belief in the God Uthera the god of Justice and law. All non divine magic that is not sourced directly from worship of …