Elven Mage from Skorr


Frost hails from the remote Provence of Skorr, in the far north of the continent. skorr is a highly complex society consisting mainly of elves, and only few humans and half elves making up the remainder of the citizenry. Gnomic traders some hundreds of years ago tried their hand at making their fortunes by traversing the fjordlands and tundras that separate the habitable lands of Hammerfell and the icy steppe of Skorr. It is widely rumoured that upon arrival the Gnomic traders were arrested for their avarice and set to servitude for the Elven state. It is believed this one trading party accounts for the whole gnomic underclass in Skorr.

The elves of skorr live by no religion as such but acknowledge the Natural Cycle as being all important and sacred to their existence. Sustainable farming developed long ago most likely due to scarcity of resources. it is said during dark winter months skorrs dine well on all manner of pickled and cured goods spiced with fire thistle and thyme. The urban classes consist mainly of mages dedicated to the arcane secrets in the environs of Skorr. Mutual reliance on each other – one for giving food- the other giving knowledge and protection sees Skorr society stably through the years.

Unwelcoming to outsiders, visitors must show respect until they themselves earn enough social standing to be included. Even then Skorrs (due to their homogenous views on life and land) appear impatient with the boasts and expertise of foreigners.

Were creatures of all sorts are taboo in Skorr society. They seems unable to assimilate ‘wereness’ into their immutable harmony with natural workings- at once seen as desirable, even sacred communes to the Great Spirit of the World and also abominations, a kind of reclamation against man and his right to live a part yet in part with Nature.

It is for this reason Frost: infected with the early stages of Lycanthropy, has extricated himself from his homeland and proceeded south. Mixed feelings of blessing and self hatred for this gift of nature tinge his journey with a blackness one can only describe as chillingly dangerous.


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