The Fires of Hammerfel

The First Part

The Adventure so far

Voronwe was tracking the Half Orc Karod when he stumbled across Felren, Harek and Garon, locked in cages at a cross roads on the border of Rotheen. After a short discussion where everyone pleaded there obvious innocence. Voronwe was attacked by Karod and his pack of pet dogs. Voronwe decided it would be in his best interest to try and free Felren, harek and garon to assist him in his fight with Karod. After a brief skirmish the battle was won but if i remember correctly i think either Harek or voronwe or both went to minus hit points.

Anyway after resting overnight in a nearby wood. The party hitched a ride with a merchant and headed east in an attempt to get as far from Rotheen as possible. It was here that they came across the merchant town of Hruset.

Hruset looked like it was once a great town but was destroyed, bits of the old wall and buildings can still be seen. The majority of the town is now made up by a huge market and the tents of merchants that pass through the town and trade. There are some permanent buildings and more being built.

The party made there way to The Thirsty wench to rest and while there experienced a small earth quake. While exploring the town you also come across

Uthius. A strange scrawny middle aged man who seemed very interested in Voronwe.

The Atha – A strange Death Cult that attend to all burials in the town of hruset

Drogo – a Barbarian friend of Garon

You were then approached by Content Not Found: Lomen-Manzahand asked to clean out the basement of his warehouse. It was here you fought the child ghouls and came across the bodys that were being traded. After confronting Lomen and learning that he sourced them from Hammerfell and that Uthius was a customer, you made your way back down & discovered more passages.

You found an abandoned area that was used by a spider cult to test there poisons on the children of the old orphanage that the warehouse was now built on and it was here that you found the jewelled spider. After making your way deeper and falling into a pit trap obtaining spiders you came to a large round room with small passages heading off in every direction. Its here you worked out the jewelled spider attracted the spiders and it was during this fight that drogo was slain. You burned his body in a sewer connected to the passage ways (how nice of you guys lol) You then made your way deeper and Defeated the Queen spider and burnt all her eggs.

After this you went back to the Thirsty wench to rest and on the way noticed there were Knights of Rotheen in town. Voronwe decided to go to byron bay to hang with his beloved trees and pick herbs for a while.

It was then that knights came into the tavern for a drink and the party met Frost who was drinking at said tavern and being accosted by the knights due to his own foolishness of casting a spell in front of them. The party learnt that apparently Rotheen was going to annex Hrset into its empire and that the merchants guild was raising funds to hire a mercenary army. So the party did what most adventuring parties do in a time of crisis and went whoring.

Back at the Wench things got a little crazy, some knights were slain, whores were covered in blood screaming and felren was dancing on the bar naked. It was then decided that i would be best to flee the town as one of the knights had got away and horses could be heard approaching so the party made their way onto the roof. Garon failed the jump to the next roof and was impaled by a charging knights lance. Luckily the party dragged him away and escaped down a sewer which led to the river.

You then hitched a ride on a boat where you met up with Voronwe in Hookton. There you met the mayor Manis of Hookton and the old man Omar. You then made your way to the tower of Hangmens Fork. Defeated some bad guys and thats where we are at.



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